Customer Reviews

Get exceptional and unparalleled service and support from our company, where our years of experience and expertise speak for themselves. We are proud to serve over 3,000 satisfied customers in Silicon Valley annually, which demonstrates our unwavering dedication to meeting and exceeding their needs. But don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our delighted customers have to say about their experience with us below:
I called CPI Plumbing after my daughter flushed some snack wrappers down the toilet and the toilet was not flushing properly. I also tried to do it myself with a plunger and a snake, but it wasn't working out and I probably wasn't doing it right. When the plumber from CPI arrived, he was friendly and was confident he could fix our issue. He used specialized equipment specifically for toilet clogs, that also would not scratch the inside of the toilet bowl, and was able to clear the issue within 10 minutes. He also wore shoe covers inside the house and made sure to clean everything up before he left. The price was also very reasonable. Great service, great plumber, great value!
Marshall Lai
Shamir provided the best service I have ever gotten! Not only was he skilled, but he also talked me through his process so I understood what was wrong. He left no trace and was friendly. Definitely coming back when I need more plumbing done!
Darya Korepanova
I called your emergency number first thing Saturday morning and Dustin called me right back. He went out there late morning and found a hole in the drain pipe and a backup nearby that was making the leak even worse. He snaked the line and temporarily patched the line so gases wouldn’t escape. He said I would need to get restoration out there to (again) dry out the crawlspace before CPI could replace the drain pipe. It is plastic not cast iron apparently. Dustin was really great, communicative, and helpful. Really appreciated his work.
Sachin Bhattiprolu
Great, reliable, and timely service at a reasonable price. I shopped around quite a bit before landing on CPI. Their rates were competitive, they responded promptly, and their plumber fixed a few issues quickly and without much fuss. I'll definitely be calling them again the next time we have issues!
Allan Huynh
Quality work, fair price, very responsive. Our go to company in Bay Area.
A Chien
Luis came to my house to look at a toilet that had been frequently backing up. He was very thorough in his diagnosis, taking out the toilet and using the outdoor cleanouts to capture videos of the pipes. He found and removed the blockage, and the toilet has been flushing great since. Thanks CPI for a job well done
Brian Woo
CPI came to my rescue before the rain storms hit the Bay Area last week. I needed drains in my back patio because there was no drainage system there. Anytime it would rain, there was a "trough" that would lead water right to my back door. Since I bought my condo, I have been dreading the idea of flood water coming into my home. Luis and Alex of CPI Plumbing did an outstanding job creating the drainage system for me! They have had years of experience, were real professionals and very hard workers. I trusted them when I had to leave at times, for the 3 days they worked on my property. I am more than pleased with their work and the solution they created for me. I will always be indebted to Luis and Alex and CPI Plumbing!
Lynne W
CPI has again done a top-rate job of storm season preparation for our complex, video inspections and hydrojetting all the drain lines and sewer lines too. They work hard and efficiently. Especially appreciated their extra effort to finish up before the Thanksgiving holiday with all the friends and family gatherings--- Luis took a moment as he was finishing up and gathering up his equipment to say all looked good with a sewer line that had been questionable and that we should be good now for all those big holiday get-togethers.
Lucinda C
We are so happy with our experience with CPI. Our toilets were frequently backing up and we were concerned that there was a drain line blockage. Luis arrived on schedule and did a thorough inspection of our pipes with camera equipment. He found the source of the problem, cleared the pipes, and provided useful information going forward. Luis was very professional, easy to work with, and knowledgeable. We highly recommend CPI to anyone looking for plumbing solutions!
Nancy W
I just used CPI. I had a drain that my contractor spent 3 days on and couldn't unplug. I was expecting the worse - I hate wallet pain. My appointment was from 9-11. I expected to wait all day. At 10 am , I get knock at door. I open the door. A young man, Daniel, well dressed and groomed appears. He is polite and professional. I let him in, but before he comes in, he respects my house and puts on shoe covers. He sees the clogged sink. I blink, and poof its working. (Ok, maybe not like magic, but he assessed the problem and fixes it.) then he turns on the water to show if it backs up. Now here is the important part. He leaves the water ON. He does not attempt to turn OFF. He wait for me to be satisfied. Watch out Plumbers, there's a new company in Town.
Today we had a major underground hot water leak that affected 8 units. Daniel came out and used his experience to find and isolate the issue by installing ball valves on the manifold allowing us to have water. very happy with the service. Way to go Daniel and way to go CPI!!!!!!
Larissa D
CPI was professional, fast, and seemed to know what they were doing. My building hired Consolidated to replace a leaking pipe. Abel took great care to protect my stuff, ensuring that the restoration process was seamless. They left no mess, which was great and you can't count on these days, and I really just wanted this to get fixed asap and close the chapter on it. Pricing for the emergency service seemed fair and transparent.
Chris P
Our HOA manager recommended CPI when our toilet overflowed on a Saturday evening in July. They picked up the phone at 8:30pm on a Saturday night. One of their plumbers showed up 30 minutes later. He quickly determined that the clog was a bigger issue further down the sewer line which required a professional hydro jetting cleaning to resolve. After checking with the HOA manager, CPI sent a jetter machine and another plumber within half an hour. Their crew worked until 11:30pm to clear the clog. We were so happy that we could use the bathroom again! CPI was responsive, communicated well, worked fast, and resolved the issue during off-hours. We will definitely call them again.
Hattie C.
We had a leak from the ceiling inside our condo. CPI was recommended by our HOA management company because they successfully completed several other jobs in our complex. Scheduling the appointment was easy and we were able to get a same-day appointment. Danny from Consolidated came out to do a leak investigation and was able to replace a leaking fitting during the same appointment. We had a very good experience with CPI and are glad our HOA recommended them.
Ernesto M.
Had the plumber Daniel come to my condo today for a clogged toilet. He spent almost two hours snaking with a camera my drain and pulled out a huge clog of tree roots. He knew exactly what he was doing and did a wonderful job. I would recommend this company very much.
Ron K.
Daniel was outstanding in getting the block in the pipeline in a short time. this was given up by another plumber... thanks Daniel
Krish S.
So Very Helpful. I had a leak from my upstairs bathroom down to the bathroom downstairs. I called CPI and two gentlemen came out, Gary and Dustin..AMAZING! They taped everything off, figure out exactly what the issue was and FIXED it. I can't thank them enough..not to mention they also explained..don't every put anything down your drains to a plumber! I am so happy with their work and professionalism I will call them after the first of the year to check all my drains, as a preventive maintenance item. I think I would like a toilet replaced as well. Gary also snaked the outflow in my kitchen..and I learned how things get clogged and how to help prevent it. Again!! Grateful to find CPI
I had an overflowing bathroom sink with no way of stopping or knowing how to stop it. Upon calling management, they reached out to CPI who immediately responded by sending a wonderful soul called Dustin to our rescue. Dustin mitigated the problem instantly and both with great care and ease. As overwhelmed and as helpless I felt, Dustin's incredible professionalism and high level of emotional intelligence skills dissipated that feeling. His shrewd judge of character and due diligence also saved the person's apartment next to mine as he observed our pipes were connected. Dustin's random act of kindness of informing property management to contact the owner of that apartment saved them from incurring the same problem as I was facing. Luckily the elderly gentleman who did not live there anymore drove down and was able to get his place restored properly too. Dustin's empathetic mannerisms, patience and admirable communication skills provided clarity and calmness to both I and the gentlemen. We truly appreciate the help and kindness that was shown to us. Dustin truly epitomizes the saying "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." Thank you again
Reena L
Dustin did a great job fixing my main valve pipe in the front of my house...didn't leave until it was completed (took around 3+hours). Saved my life!...Good guy! 🙂 Sean (Happy Customer :))
Sean C
Consolidated Plumbing was sent to my home by my condominium association. They agreed to a very early morning appointment and the gentleman arrived exactly on time. He went through the problem very methodically to see where the problem was. Something that no one else could figure out was taken care of in half an hour. I would very definitely recommend them.
Fern F.
Consolidated Plumbing has great plumbers, good pricing, and are always there when you need a plumber. All of their plumbers are professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend CPI for any of your plumbing needs.
Diana Q
We hired CPI for a complete house repipe and an addition of a water recirculation system. They did an excellent job. The workers were friendly, they cleaned up after themselves, they didn't hesitate to ask if they had any questions and we were assigned a project manager to ensure that the job went smoothly. They handled permits and inspections very well. Everything went smoothly. They were definitely worth the money. I wish all of our home improvement jobs had gone this well. I definitely recommend them.
Tanja F.
I have called on CPI multiple times. The first time was a critical emergency to replace hot & cold lines to an outside building which failed due to age and natural deterioration. The second and third time we're minor interior jobs. Today they replaced and upgraded the main line from the street to our home. Next, I plan to have them take care of everything for a new home we're planning to build. These guys are awesome. They can handle any size job. Prices are fair. I like Matt a lot. Attention to detail and quality is fantastic. Highly recommend.
First I had a visit from Matt who said a couple parts had to be ordered for a phantom flushing toilet when no-one was near it. He took a long time explaining to me the problem and wondering why I never saved the guarantee (I bought the fixture in 2009). When he left, he said he would try to order parts. I was left guessing whether he would follow thru or the faulty issue would continue forever. Lo and behold, the hero appeared in the form of Isaac after I spoke to the office manager, Denise, on the phone.. Isaac had purchased the parts and in late afternoon showed up to install them, which he did. Isaac was cheerful and efficient. The parts have a 90 day guarantee (plumbing law or something), but hopefully they will long outlive this. Way to go, CPI, for following up immediately to complete this job.
Danielle W.
CPI did a great job on some minor plumbing work that I needed done. Their price was fair and scheduling was easy.
Megan S
First I had Consolidated fix a leak in a wall in my basement. Mark did such a great job that when my hot water heater began to fail I called Consolidated again and the result was excellent work. Professional, clean, on time and fast. I give this company and Mark in particular high marks. Thank you!
Lance M.
I had a cold water pipe broke in the ceiling. Isaac did amazing work. He is very skillful and efficient! The time and material charge is reasonable. I highly recommend him and this company if you ever need pluming work.