Sewer Line Trenching in San Jose, CA

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When it comes to sewer line replacement, one method stands out as a reliable and time-tested solution: traditional trenching. Below, we will provide details of sewer line replacement using the traditional trenching method.


Traditional sewer line trenching involves excavating a trench along the path of the existing sewer line to access and replace the damaged or deteriorated pipe. This method has been used for decades and remains a popular choice for sewer line replacement due to its reliability and effectiveness. While trenching may involve some disruption to your property, it offers a tried-and-true solution for addressing sewer line issues and restoring proper functionality to your plumbing system.

The Process of Sewer Line Replacement with Traditional Trenching:

  1. Assessment and Preparation: Before beginning the replacement process, our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your sewer line to determine the extent of the damage and the best course of action. We’ll also obtain any necessary permits and prepare your property for excavation.

  2. Excavation: Once preparations are complete, our technicians will excavate a trench along the path of the existing sewer line, typically from the house to the connection point with the municipal sewer system. The depth and width of the trench will vary depending on the location and depth of the sewer line.

  3. Pipe Removal and Replacement: After the trench is excavated, we’ll remove the old sewer pipe and replace it with a new, durable pipe made of high-quality materials such as PVC or HDPE. The new pipe will be carefully aligned and connected to ensure proper flow and functionality.

  4. Backfilling and Restoration: Once the new pipe is in place, the trench will be backfilled with soil and compacted to restore the surface of your property. Any landscaping or hardscaping features that were disturbed during excavation will be restored to their original condition, leaving your property looking as good as new.

Benefits of Traditional Trenching:

  • Reliability: Traditional trenching methods have been used for decades and are proven to provide reliable and long-lasting results.
  • Customizable: Trenching allows for precise placement of the new sewer line, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.
  • Versatility: Traditional trenching can accommodate a wide range of sewer line replacement needs, from minor repairs to complete replacements.


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